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From "Small boy" to "Mampara of the year", Ramaphosa Gets Disrespected Again

Date: 26/01/22



It seems like the year of 2022 is not Cyril Ramaphosa's year as far as the political sphere is concerned. Ever since the year began, he has been catching fire either from his lack of participation in matters that concern him or just being a very incompetent president, just as everyone says. just a few days ago, a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters called the president a small boy and it was agreed upon that it was very disrespectful, now Jacob Zuma's daughter has disrespected him yet again.


Duduzile Zuma, who Is Zuma's popular daughter took to Twitter and posted the presidents photo with a very disrespectful caption. She captioned the picture "Mampara of the year". The term Mampara simply means that the president is stupid and with that whole caption, it means he is the most stupid person this year.

The reason for calling the president this is really unknown, she just posted this from nowhere but some believe the is a very great reason for this. On the same day, news articles were published stating that the rand would fall if Ramaphosa is not elected president. This was seen as an act of desperation.


It is indeed true that Ramaphosa made some big mistakes in this early stages of the year but to call him Mampara of the year is quite distasteful. The fact that no one really acts against since disrespect against the president means more and more people will be disrespecting him and getting away with it. The country needs to respect its president once again.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think Ramaphosa is indeed a Mampara of the year or Duduzile went overboard?

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