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ANC | Disgraced and Dismissed ZWELI MKHIZE | The Fall of a Decade Long Service

ANC former Minister of Health, Zweli Mkhize has disgraced the ANC and been Dismissed according to his corruption, money laundering and fraud that also involved Digital Vibes.

It was truely a remarkable 2020 and more remarkable 2021 that saw so many of the ANC members being caught out for years of corruption, money laundering, Fraud, violence among other serious offences.

For the most, it seemed like this day would never come with the many Presidents who have lead the Nation in the Past.

It took one Great Leader, President Cyril Ramaphosa to put his foot down and catch out all the corrupt officials within the ANC.

The reality might have seemed harsh, the circumstances even more harsh. Yet the damage that has been caused to us normal law abiding citizens, the damage to our economy and our freedom will take us years to get back.

South Africans have been mocked over having a leader like the former President Jacob Zuma. A leader who had to step down from his post as President and then hide from the law so that he wouldn't go behind bars. It took him years before he was finally put behind bars for the corruption that he had caused.

AND - As we all saw clearly, for putting Jacob Zuma in bars, South Africa was then DAMAGED. Looted and buildings set alight.

The damage has cost Trillions and most of those business people will never open their stores again.

Leaving millions unemployed and left to struggle to gather the pieces of their lives.

The face of the ANC has been disgraced, disfigured and left for dead.

Zweli Mkhize was the PRINCE of the ANC. Alot of South Africans loved and respected him. It is really difficult to come to terms with the corruption that came from him.

His decade long service to the country was beyond outstanding. It was brilliant. He worked hard and consistently and he delivered what was expected of him.

However, nobody knew the damage that was within.

Zweli Mkhize has Reportedly resigned way before Cyril Ramaphosa could FIRE him.

But it was coming. Everyone knew it.

It's in the best interest for all corrupt officials to rather resign than being fired.

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