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OPINION| How can we celebrate Africa day if we still have movements like operation dudula?


Today as we celebrate Africa day which is basically a reminder of the day the OAU was formed and now the AU it is time for Africans to reflect on the state of the continent and the way forward, many African leaders, scholars, academics and intellectuals including among others President Sekou Toure, Kwame Nkrumah, Thabo Mbeki, Olesegun Obasabanjo, Wade Abdulaye, Muammar Gadaffi has reflect a lot about the state of the continent, including economists like Dr Dambisa Moyo from Zambia and Elly Twineyo Kamugisha from Uganda on the economic side. Mine is not to repeat what has already been writtenBut I think it is time for Africa to reflect on the issue of the odious debt from the colonialists, the issue of what Dr Dambisa Moyo called dead aid and what Kamugisha asked on his book why Africa failed the case for growth in Africa, this is indeed a good debate bearing in mind that Africa has been having economic policies in place including the Lagos Action plan, and NEPAD (New Patnership for African Development). But Africa continue to be economically poor and the beggar and recipient of aid from the West as well as having problems of civil war, political instability, regime change agenda, corruption and xenophobia. So today it is time for Africans to reflect and come with the wayforward to move Africa from been captured by the EU, US and China to become a developed continent unlike the current status quo of been perpetually a developing continent mired by poverty and instability. As I open debate for Africans to reflect including those Africans in the Diaspora

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