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Cyril's Case Involves His Money, But Zuma's Case Involves Taxpayers Money” — Rob Forbes

To put it another way: Cyril's case involves his own money, while Zuma's involves the money of taxpayers. Forbe's, Rob 

Forbes has come out in support of President Cyril Ramaphosa, arguing that the two cases cannot be compared. He pointed out that while both instances deal with money, in Ramaphosa's it is his own and in Zuma's it is the public's. Those who have stood with the President have said that drawing parallels between the two incidents is insensitive. Money is Cyril's thing," Rob Forbes remarked. All of Zuma's endeavors, which he funded with taxpayer dollars, were scandalous. No two things are alike. But the president's critics say he hid the huge sum of money from the SARS and the Reserve Bank. They also pointed out that the president kept game animals on his Phala Phala farm without informing parliament. They again admitted that the robbery case had inadequate paperwork. Some individuals have spoken out about how he failed to set a good example, which is why he must step down. 

However, another writer claimed that the dispute is not over his own finances, but rather over who paid him. To clear his name, he has decided to make public his dealings with the Phala Phala farm, stating that he cannot hide the transaction the way he sealed the CR17 bank statements. The question is, I believe, who paid him in dollars," he continued. There is a pervasive fear of betrayal, which may have originated with the apartheid blunder. Where reliable sources betrayed our trust by disclosing classified material to advance their own interests, jeopardizing our ability to defend democracy. The vast majority of Cyril Ramaphosa's defenders hold the view that it is not anyone's business where another individual puts his or her money. It is his money, therefore he can put it in the bank or use it to furnish his farm if he so chooses. Carl Niehaus has also filed a case against Ramaphosa at the Rosebank Police Station this morning, demanding that the president resign.


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