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Helen Zille's claim about defending minority rights is a farce

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Helen Zille's claim about defending minority rights is a farce. Among the minorities in SA 🇿🇦, Aryanism continues to fester.

Our Constitution and legislation have failed to address the hate. The Prevention of Hate Speech and Hate Crimes Bill was introduced way back in 2016, for example - still not signed into law.

Most of our parliamentarians are old and disinterested... a disservice.

Opinion - That's what happens there actually.

A friend of mine was also denied accommodation, at first they charged him unrealistic amounts for rent and he accepted, the property owner said it outright that he won't give him the apartment because of his skin color.

Again he went out to a drinking place with his white Friends, while he was paying an uber his friends went in and he came behind, upon his arrival he was told the place was closed and he explained that he's friends are already inside but No one wanted to listen and his friends had to leave the place and be with him.

So this behaviour explains why they want western cape to be independent.

In addition The Population Registration Act was the cornerstone of apartheid policy, making discrimination legal. It was implemented in 1950 and divided South Africans into four broad groups - white, African, colored, and Indian - in order to enforce the minority government's racial segregation policy. This is no surprise to anyone who is willing to understand where her confidence comes from.

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Aryanism Prevention of Hate Speech and Hate Crimes Bill SA


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