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MUST SEE - The Lesotho blames South Africa

06 August 2022

The Lesotho blames South Africa.

Namibian Government said it. Zimbabwean Government said it. Aaron Motsoaledi has been the lone voice in the entire ANC to say it.

South Africa is harbouring dangerous criminals who enjoy protection of the ANC government, the DA and the EFF.

South Africa citizens need to think ahead of these politicians. Voting for individuals is absolutely important at this stage of our democracy.

This message is loud and clear; it must be supported with a resounding victory against the ANC, DA and EFF at the polls.

We vote for South Africans' wellbeing First. Those who don't recognize this fact cannot enjoy our support at the polls.


● Police reduced to spectators as Kagiso mob hunts down illegal miners, strips them naked and burns their shacks

● Lesotho apologises for gang rapes of SA women on mine dumps last week,

offers to even pay for prosecution.

Source: The Sowetan

Indeed, the other African countries, especially those with the highest recorded criminals' populations in our jails such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Malawi must take a leaf from Lesotho's gesture and apologize to SA for their nationals' abuse of our hospitality.

Also the so called Diaspora Organizations only operating in our country and the South African Human Rights organization must speak out against the criminals and apologize to South African citizens for the pain that their actions have caused us, and the unnecessary tension they have contributed between foreign nationals and locals.

In conclusion also Thank you Mothegi Samuel Mogane for sharing this book it's powerful and reinforces what some of us have been saying about the so called Zama Zama. When you read this, we start to appreciate why Marxists say the Police serve the interest of the elite...The book explores how the Police even during apartheid have never truly protected the poor in the township and informal settlements hence gangs such as Marashiya now Zama Zama, murder, rape and drugs have always been prevalent in the township as long as what happened in the township never affected the suburbs. The poor can murder each other, get wasted from drugs, rape and abuse one another the Police will not lift a finger and will never be held accountable because there is no Civil Policing directed for the poor. Zama Zamas are merely a symptom.

Our common major enemy is the ANC. They have failed us as a country.

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