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OPINION| What is it that the ANC government can show us after 28 years as a ruling party?

The government is a shambles. Officials and politicians continue to enrich themselves from the public purse unemployment is at an all-time high, for 13 years the country has suffered blackouts and it's getting worse facilities everywhere are falling apart and infrastructure is not renewed. Roads are a nightmare the only thing that keeps the country running is the private sector, the ruinous condition of dozens of state owned enterprises is symptomatic of the inability of government, to conduct business or govern ethically. 

All of this is not due to crises like the Covid pandemic or the 2008 economic meltdown those events merely accentuated the decline, the follies of ANC policies and the sheer criminality of its office bearers have brought us to the brink of a failed state. The party is incapable of managing government at local, regional or national level its cadre deployment has placed fools and crooks in positions from which they wreck and steal public resources. 

Ramaphosa as chief executive of ANC Inc (a profitable enterprise staffed by charlatans and gangsters) presides over disaster. And he refuses to take the logical step, that would be to dissolve the rotten Cabinet and reform it with a government of national unity employing those who would be capable of fixing political potholes, and restoring good governance. He must be the bad guy amongst us all to believe that the ANC has something to show for its 28 years of nothing

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