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Julius Malema called out in an explosive letter (SEE FULL LETTER)

Economic Freedom Fighters Leader, Julius Malema and his party have made it clear that they are not interested in "Die Stem" part of the National Anthem. After failing in his quest to get the part removed from the anthem, Malema suggested lyrics to replace the Die Stem part. Lately when the anthem is sung in parliament, Malema and his party members sit down as soon as it gets to that part. (Source:

A Sowetan reader has written a though provoking letter, addressing Malema's hatred for the Afrikaans part of the anthem. The writer says Malema must chill because he has joined ideas that it was agreed that both national anthems Nkosi Sikelel'I Africa and Die Stem will run side by side to unite the nation. "By that time you were not born and during the Codesa negotiations I am sure you – Julius Malema – were still in your nappies when the decision was made," the writer said.

The writer further lashed out at Malema for coming with his "filthy ideology" that Die Stem be eliminated from that agreement that was reached while he was "still teething or in your nappies". Malema was further told that he should be grateful that today he is able to express himself in English because of the Class of '76.

How is it that Malema criticises whites of this country and Die Stem but he hires them to represent him during his court cases, to defend his shenanigans? The writer further slammed the CIC for labeling Nelson Mandela a sellout in England. "We haven't forgotten about that. The ANC got rid of you because you were disrespectful to the movement, hence you hate it".

The explosive letter was sealed by addressing Malema that he'll never be a president of South Africa, whether he likes it or not. "Respect yourself and move on," the writer concluded. Read full letter here

In essence, I agree with the writer. Julius Malema is an opportunist and he is disrespectful. I don't forsee him being a president in our lifetime. He can be president on Twitter but in real life, it might not happen. Malema needs to learn consistency and addressing matters in a calm and respectful manner. What do you think?


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