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Watch: Zimbabweans Regrets The Wasteful 50th Birthday Minister's Party (Opinion)

Africa is one continent that has mastered the art of holding itself back in terms of development,very few individuals who are politically connected are benefiting from the riches of the continent,the mineral rich africa hasn't served it's own people efficiently.The efficiency of the resources in africa has been misguided by the dictatorship that is very obvious around the continent.Many african countries have more than thirty years since they've been declared independent from the british colony but the majority of the africans remains much poorer than there's something or someone who subjected them to the similar colonial regime.Zimbabwe is one country that has been experiencing economic and political instabilities since early 2000s,the country was sanctioned after expropriating the land without compensation from the white people.Since then,the country's economy dropped like a stone to a point that many of it's citizens had to move out of the country and go look for the greener pastures in other countries.Apparently,the Zimbabwean finance minister has thrown himself a huge 50th birthday party,the south african musical artists Makhadzi and Mafikizolo were invited to perform in the minister's party,the two south african artists' were taken by surprise by the minister after he announced that he will double their pay from the initial amount they agreed on.While many Zimbabweans are struggling to make ends meet,both in Zimbabwe and abroad,some of their fellow country men and women found it much easier to throw the costly and wasteful parties to the exclusion of the Zimbabweans who fought so hard for the liberation of the country from the colonial Britain.That type of money could have atleast be directed to some of the social issues that affects the Zimbabweans on a daily basis.The privatization of the public funds is very common around the continent of Africa,the politicians are becoming the millionaires by abusing the public purse and other state resources.As much as it is visibly obvious that the citizens of the countries like south africa are fed up with the Zimbabweans in their country,it is quite questionable that where would all these people go since their government is not doing anything to improve the economy of the country.The south africans wants the Zimbabweans to go back home and challenge their government,but the Zimbabweans seems very comfortable in south africa to a point that they don't care anymore about what's happening back in their country,this is not going to help the continent,people must normalize holding their respective governments to accountable for the demise of their economies instead of running to other countries.If the whole continent of africa had to run the lifestyle audits of the top politicians,majority of them would fail to account for the funds and properties they're owning,the men and women are living a lavish lives while the africans are struggling and parading themselves as international beggars.There's no way that more than 30 years independent africa would still be blaming the western world for the failures of their respective governments.Africa has to stand up for itself like it did with the colonial regime.

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