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We might hate it but the DA is our only hope in 2024 | For the sake of our future |OPINION

We might hate it but the DA is our only hope in 2024 | For the sake of our future |OPINION 

 As a black person who has never thought of voting for a party that is known for being dominated by whites only, I am desperately thinking of giving them a chance. I really never thought that this time would come, where we would be so desperate to remove the African National Congress in power.

As a proud black South African, l hate to say it but we need to use the DA, we need stability in Eskom(no more loadshedding) roads to be fixed(no more potholes) job to be created ( to bring back their European relatives to invest in this country again). Each party is given 5 years to stay in power, that a fear chance to rebuild this country. As a majority race we will take the DA out if they misbehave. We actually need to give them a chance, while we learn from their leadership, that's a 5 year contract while we learn how to run things. I'm not being rasist towards black people but we are very stupid sometimes. We are controlled by certain individuals and we easily forget people's need, the very same people who voted.

The people are not asking for anything but Jobs, we need to put bread in the table. We can't be relying to grants that the same government is failing pay. Our country is rich enough to be this struggling. We have enough minerals to be this struggling.

Why is it so hard to take the same billions (R500b) and create jobs, build firms, companies, open more mines, be innovative and offer our graduate permanent jobs? 

Look at the small Umngeni Municipality governed by the young Mayor of the DA, Mr Pappas. He has already proven that all the other mayors are sleeping on duty! If you don't believe me keep checking his Facebook pages and the municipality he is leading. 

 if we want to save our country going forward, we need the DA! we can't also shy away from the fact that they are the official opposition party.

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