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Here is Who To Blame For The Illegal Nigerians and Zimbabweans Entering The Country

Here is Who To Blame For The Illegal Nigerians and Zimbabweans Entering The Country

Date: 2021/10/21

Herman Mashaba who works closely with the Democratic Alliance has been blamed for dangerous people entering our borders and killing the children of this nation.

The Nigerians are worse they come from where they are from and sell drugs in this country like crack cocaine, cocaine, and heroin, given to the girls and boys and they end up living the hardest lives in the streets trying to feed that bad habit, they said Herman Mashaba is the one that made the gates lose, he could have made sure that our national guard at the Airport is not bribable so that it is not easy to take the short cuts.

This nation desperately needs safety, our metro Police are paid enough money to do that crazy job, that is why they end up taking bribes by the fences, and if Herman could have raised their salaries they could have been able to save them themselves from all these shenanigans, it is something that needs proper fixing because some people from Zimbabwe are the ones who are found doing break-in and entering crimes by the rich neighborhoods where people are smart, they also have fancy things.

Herman when he was Mayor he made Joburg extra dirty, by making the gates lose, undocumented immigrants are very dangerous, they could eat you alive when they have no food, so it is better to protect yourself from such by being able to move around smartly and protect yourself from them.

According to the population map, we have 66 million people in this country, but because of the one that jumped the border illegally, we could be having more than that number so it is harder for the government to provide better services for the people as they do not know exactly how many people are here.


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