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Trevor Hit out, When Zuma Spoke About Nuclear to Solve SA Energy Problem, they said he was corrupt

When President Zuma spoke about Nuclear to solve SA's energy problems, they said he was corrupt.

Now that AfriForum have started talking about Nuclear as well, they are “showing leadership”.

The big difference is that Afriforum is using private funds, not our tax money(state funds). Also, there will be no looting and corruption. Lastly, their nuclear power ambitious will actually work. Then we as ordinary SAFN's will protest so that Afriforum provides us with power. Well, that's where you're mistaken, Chief. They are looking for investments to fund their project, and “your” tax money is also on the list. The funds that are invested by the Public Investment Corporation, where do they come from? Trevor you're missing out on a vital point. AfriForum Will Not Steal our Money whether it's from the PIC, VAT, or Duduzile Zuma's OnlyFans account. We trust them to deliver! Unlike the thieving anti-black ANC government, who we know will just mess things up over and over again. They would have long been completed within budget and they would be working fine. Their New Power Station should succeed and prove once and for all that ANC is incapable of managing anything. In fact, if Afriforum took over Eskom today, there would be no load shedding in SA. The models are completely unique. Zumdaddas proposal involved kickbacks for cadres and family. No different from Chancellor House deals at Medupi and Kusile. That's what you were made to believe... as much as you are now made to believe that AfriForum's proposal is above board.

Free your mind from the shackles of the media. There's literally a Judgment speaking to the illegality of the Zuma Nuclear deal. The problem was never Nuclear, but the fact that no proper legal procedure was followed in the procurement of that deal. I hear you. Some day, when we have the time; we will need to discuss how the procurement policies, in their current form; are actually against the development of our society. And any leader who wants to make a real difference, will always find themself clashing with them. True to a certain degree…our procurement policies are filled with bureaucratic red tape, but it's to safeguard the public purse. It takes longer to make a real difference, but it doesn't clash in my opinion. However, I do concede that we need to streamline our policies more. Zuma was to use Russian company to get kickbacks, here these Afrikaners will use their resources not state resources, Malema and his cohorts will wet their panties in anger over this development, watch this space.Afriforum? Private power company? We want our land back. ANC's self Zuma just saw dollar signs same as those two" new coal powered stations” that have cost 100's of billions, and they still not working. ANC lives, ANC leads. It's actually a question of color, a black man's opinion is questionable unless validated by a White person. The public and media will now approve nuclear because it has presently been approved by AfriForum. That's how the world operates.

When Zuma speaks of nuclear power generation, he's speaking about corrupt kickbacks from the Russians. When Afriforum speaks about nuclear power generation, they mean exactly that. That IS Leadership. They can't even finish two coal powered stations on time and on budget, look at eskoms raising debt under his leadership and this leadership how was nuclear going to be possible under these people. It was going to be another looting spree, he was just daydreaming. It wasn’t the nuclear option that was rejected under JZ. Furthermore, it was the cost of his proposed nuclear option. Furthermore, it was a ridiculous price he was pushing. We all know why it was so expensive. Do you get it?


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