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Russian psychic predicts date of Vladimir Putin's death

Alexander Kantonistov, a psychic who appears on Russian television, has prophesied that the dictator would be the target of "attempts to poison and physically punish the dictator" as his "mania" and "mental problems" continue to spiral out of control until his passing at the end of the summer.

A Russian TV mystic has predicted that Vladimir Putin would pass away before the year 2022, and she also believes that the tyrant's reign of terror will come to an end before then.

Throughout the course of this year, Alexander Kantonistov, a psychic who appeared on the hit Russian show Battle of Psychics, has provided a number of forecasts on the future of Russia.

One month after the invasion, when speaking with the local media, he projected that life would become harsher for the general population of Russia, which would lead to a growing dissatisfaction throughout the country.

He predicted that by the middle of April, Russian troops would have been ordered out of the neighboring Ukraine; however, this prediction has not come true as Putin's so-called "special operation" rolls into its fourth month. He believed that the Russian troops could have been ordered out of the neighboring Ukraine.

After a series of instances involving "poison" and "physical punishment," Kantonistov pointed out that the dictator may be eliminated before the end of the summer.

Wednesday at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin leads a meeting that is being held there.

He said: "The most perilous time in Vladimir Putin's life will begin at the beginning of June, when assassination attempts and other forms of physical punishment will be made against the ruler.

"It is possible that Putin will ramp up his obsession with persecuting opponents, and his mental problems will influence the judgments he makes on the leadership of the Russian Federation.

"It is possible that repressions may get more severe, and his people will appear to him as traitors. This will cause him to make hasty decisions, which will only hurt him in the long run."

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The medium claimed that the "height of his life" delivers the highest "chance of his death," which means that the dictator may pass away while sitting in his office in the Kremlin.

He said: "The zenith of Vladimir Putin's life is not expected to arrive until August or September of 2022. During this time, the likelihood of his passing away is quite high. There is a good chance that it will arrive in his office."

The information that Putin had survived an attempt on his life shortly after he ordered troops into Ukraine on February 24 was disclosed earlier this week by a top general in the Ukrainian military.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

The despot Putin has been able to avoid his opponents' attacks up to this point.

It is maybe not surprising to learn that there has been a line of individuals wanting the dictator to be killed throughout the course of the years given that he is one of the most despised men in the world.

It is said that the warmonger has surrounded himself with a highly skilled gang of snipers and that there are even rumors that he is utilizing body doubles since he is so concerned that there may be another on the way.

It is reported that the dictator was the target of at least five major assassination attempts, in addition to a couple efforts that came quite close to being successful.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is no stranger to taking vengeance on his enemies.

According to the sources, the current president has reached the point where he will not take any chances and has grown obsessed with the concept that someone is plotting to kill him.

As a result of the launch of his bloody invasion, the Kremlin is under constant and intense surveillance by a large number of security personnel around the clock.

According to Business Insider, in the event that Vladimir Putin were to be killed, a "little-known tax official" called Mikhail Mishustin would assume control of the Russian state and run the country.

Putin has narrowly evaded capture on many occasions, and he is adamant that he will not face a similar predicament again.

There have been at least five known attempts to assassinate the President. In the face of certain adversaries with a single-minded agenda, this is how he evaded certain death.


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