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‘You can not run a municipality’: Mashaba & Manyi's war of words

It started when the Electoral Commission (IEC) blocked ActionSA's name and just used its logo on casting a ballot structure papers. 

The commission blamed ActionSA for its name not appearing on the surveying structure, saying the party didn't pick a gathering when it enlisted with the IEC

It said it would not change its last draft casting a ballot structure papers to add ActionSA's name near its logo for the November 1 neighborhood government races, paying little heed to the party subverting legal action. 

Appearing concerning the decision, Manyi said ActionSA can't be trusted to complete laws of areas since it fail to "fill in a construction properly". 

"If ActionSA can't fill in a construction properly, why might it be prudent for it to be trusted to complete the standing principles of regions? Expecting you required the IEC to put your name in full, you should have set your name in full instead of saying N/A. The IEC isn't your aide," he said. 

Reacting, Mashaba tended to the quantity of neighborhood laws Manyi had done in his life as a legislator. 

"ANN7 proclamation doesn't count," Mashaba said. 

"You couldn't run a shower, also an entire locale." 

In a contention of words, Manyi suggested Mashaba failed as Johannesburg municipal administrator, saying he was busying "demonstrating for pictures". 

"The setback that dropped you to be a city corridor pioneer will not happen again. [The] city of Johannesburg is a disaster area because of you," said Manyi. 

"Maybe than using fit people to clean the streets, you were busy with a brush yourself, acting for pictures." 

In an alternate post, Mashaba ridiculed administrators who have "chest tortures" and "can't keep ActionSA out of their mouths". 

"Astounding to calculate a one-year-old philosophical gathering can possess such a great deal of room in these people's cerebrums. Permit them to talk. We are winning hearts and cerebrums on the ground," said Mashaba. 

Last year, Mashaba pounded Manyi for looking at him as a "liar" considering the IEC's decision not to enroll ActionSA as a philosophical gathering. 

"This is really why people don't trust in officials. Why might Mashaba lie like this? Legislative issues should be about honor, not controlling people. I have a baffled outlook on individuals who trust him," Manyi created on Twitter by then.

‘You couldn’t run a bath, let alone a municipality’: Mashaba & Manyi's war of words (

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