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Here is why Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela like to kiss her colleagues

Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela was a well-known anti-apartheid campaigner. She is Nelson Mandela's second wife and a former member of the South African parliament.

She adored practically everyone in her life, which earned her the respect of many people, including men. She had one talent that many people still admire after all these years: she was laid to rest.

Winnie Mandela has a habit of kissing people as a way of greeting or soothing them.

However, some kisses were so passionate that they made people think about a lot of things, and some of the celebrity politicians she kissed had to address some questions, such as the one with Thabo Mbeki.

She was well-known for not kissing guys but only women.

There's a big list of celebrities she kissed, so let's see who was so fortunate to be kissed by the Mother of the Nation.

Jacob Zuma is the former president of South Africa.

Ramaphosa, Cyril is the current president of South Africa

Malema Julias

Thabo Mbeki is the former president of South Africa.

Zuma Dlamini

Mbalula, Fikile

maybe it was something only She knew about her kissing practically everyone she met, or maybe it was a means of consoling them, or maybe it was a way of getting into their heads.

She tried to kiss President Thabo Mbeki once, but the President was not having it, and he flicked his on her, knocking her hat off in public, and she was later chastised by the ANC for her public behavior and contempt for the occasion.

This indicates that there was more to that kiss, and it could have something to do with her experience as an anti-apartheid fighter fighting with Man while yours was hidden behind bars.

Please share your opinions on Winnie Mandela's passion of kissing people when they meet in unexpected places.

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