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Message To All ZANU PF Supporters And Officials

Civil society Organizations (CSOs) play an important role in enhancing transparency and good governance.

The goal of our activism is the need to create a society that guarantees human security for all Zimbabweans today, tomorrow and forever. A community that is free from fear and want and where the sanctity of life is adored.

Even former President Comrade Gabriel Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s strong man who ruled with an iron fist for 37 long years, died a very bitter and miserable man. When he was disposed, he began to see the evil of the system he created and presided over for close to four decades.

As his political fortunes waned at the turn of the millennium, Robert Mugabe started suffering from the law of diminishing returns whereby he needed to invest more resources in repression, bribery and corruption in order to prolong his stay in power. The cost of repression was raised as more and more Zimbabweans demanded governance reforms and Gabriel Mugabe used every available resource for power retention whilst ignoring service delivery.

Fearing an ignominious and ignoble exit from power, Gabriel Mugabe then dragged our once disciplined and professional security sector into politics by triggering the liberation rhetoric wherein he called on them to defend the gains of independence. War Veterans were also activated. Gabriel Robert Mugabe only realized his folly in November 2017 when the machinery he had oiled turned on him.

Dethroned, humiliated and powerless, Gabriel Robert Mugabe began to speak our language, demanding that human rights and the constitution must be respected. He bemoaned loss of people who died trying to protect him because the institutions had been rendered ineffective. Fir the first time in our lifetime, Gabriel Robert Mugabe expressed concern with the safety and security of the ordinary Zimbabwean.

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