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Boris Johnson reveals mistake West made amid Russia, Ukraine conflict

English Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has uncovered the West committed an error in not aiding Ukraine in 2014 when Russia held onto the country's Crimean peninsula.Johnson additionally said the West were too delayed to even consider getting a handle on the thing was truly occurring among Russia and Ukraine and altogether neglected to force the assents that they ought to have placed on Russian President Vladimir Putin.According to the BBC, Johnson, who unveiled this to the Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday, promised that the West wouldn't rehash a similar slip-up this time, in the midst of the continuous conflict among Russia and Ukraine.Johnson said, "We, who are your companions, should be unassuming about what occurred in 2014 in light of the fact that Ukraine was attacked before interestingly when Crimea was taken from Ukraine and the conflict in the Donbas began."The truth is that we were too delayed to even think about getting a handle on the thing was truly occurring and we all in all neglected to force the authorizations then that we ought to have placed on Vladimir Putin."We can't misstep the same way again."Recall that the conflict among Ukraine and Russia began in February this year.Both countries have been battling for over two months since Putin requested the intrusion of Ukraine because of some political differences.As of today, numerous setbacks have since been recorded because of the conflict.


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