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"How many terms will Julius Malema serve as EFF president?" Thutuka

The African continent is currently known as one of the places where dictatorship is still rife and fuming. Despite their lack of success and achievements, most African leaders like to clinch onto power.

For now it has been almost 9 years since Economic Freedom Fighters was formed by its leader Julius Malema in 2013. When Malema formed the EFF too many people were surprised because the vocal leader had previously stated that he will die in the ANC.

Malema's formation of the EFF became a major blow for the ANCYL which he was expelled from as a leader. Now that he has formed his own party where he has been on the realm for almost a decade people have started to question his timeline on the highest position of power.

In what may sometimes be taken lightly, Thutuka has asked on social media, "how many terms will Malema serve as EFF president?" This question is more valid because many leader who formed their own parties have acsended onto power and never agreed to hand it over.

For example, in South Africa Bantu Holomisa of the UDM has been its President even before the EFF was formed. Mangosuthu Buthelezi lead the IFP for over 40 years without being challenged. Kenneth Meshoe of the UCDP and even Musioua Lekota of COPE have also acted as permanent leaders of their respective parties.

However when it comes to Julius Malema's leadership being questioned it is understandable. It is a case of that, they know when they speak about most other leaders nobody listens but when it is Malema even the chickens stops clucking and starts to take notes.

Why would it really matter now on how long Malema would be leading his party. There has never been a case where Malema was requested to step down or defeated in an election and he refused to hand over responsibilities. It looks like ground forces of the EFF are happy with him. That makes it useless for outsiders to be worried about internal affairs of the EFF.

But then again the question remains; "for how many terms will Julius Malema serve as EFF President?" South Africa needs to be aware of the foot steps of dictators before they could even acsend onto power, because by then it would be difficult to deal with them.

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