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Sad but the true colors of politicians

this is a story that was said by one of the MPs in Nigeria in the meeting between politicians and the local people.

This was a story that was meant to educate people about the political people and warning them.

Once they was a man who did not do good things in the world and this man passed away and it was his turn to go to aither hell or heaven. Upon arrival at the heavens gate he was told that he died in a good day.

He was then given a chance to choose between heaven and hell and he is allowed to go and visit both hell and heaven before he can choose which one he wants to go to.

The man chose to go to hell first. He went to hell and found everything as in earth, people living the way they want partying and having fun, driving expensive cars and living a high class life and happy with lots of money and all the minerals and was even given a choice to choose five wifes. Satan was not as bad looking like they say he is, he was a kind man who loved everyone and he was not looking like the devil people says he look like.

This man was told to observe all heaven and hell before he can choose.

He then went to heaven and in heaven was like the heaven that the Bible and the Quran is telling us about. White, beautiful with fruits and all of the things that we are promised to have once we arrive there were as they were told on earth.

He was then taken back to the office and asked what did he chosen to go an leave in. The man said that he liked the hell as it was a good place and all his friends where there and many people he knew where there and the devil is not as bad as everyone says he is.

He was then taken to hell. When he got to hell, he fount that everything has changed. It was the real hell, everything was on fire, people screaming and living in horrible and painful way like how the Bible and the Quran says it will be like. The devil had horns and had a spear in his hand.

The man then asked the devil, what changed? The devil said " we where campaigning that day you arrived " LOL

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