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OPINION| Zanu Pf is working tirelessly to confuse the voter

As a constitunalist he claims to be, how does he fit in POLAD which clearly states at its formation that it is a forum for 2018 Presidential Candidates. Is this big head taking the face of Madam Khupe who perfectly fits that criteria and is duly a member of POLAD by its definition. He thinks Madam Kupe and Dan Moyo are silent for no raeson watch this space. Even his spokesperson said DAGIRASI TOGARASEI MWONZORA is not qualified to join POLAD

These are the type of sellouts who will sell the entire country for a few pieces of silver, Mwonzora the most dangerous element in the society. Judas is far much better and right as compared to this sorcerer. Ther is absolutely nothing that Mwonzora is doing with development or changing the lively woods of the citizens, since he took over MDC T office as president rather he is just Mnangagwa's puppet

Nzondora we declare him as an enemu of the state a true Zimbabwean with people in his heart can not act wild like Daggie he is half crazy

To those who already named as presenters of the up coming elections, all are the same they need positions too much, they are all enjoying good life, the one is called and declared himself as the president of Zimbabwe without votes but powers from the state of security while the another one is pombing and pinned the sanctions to the Zimbabweans, while the sanctions cannt pined them but us voters unlike the stragical political and the real leader was expected by us Zimbabwe Mr Morgan Tsvangirai. People we must now focus there no more good vision to us frm politics. Thus why is called in another way as " THE DIRTY GAME". The political style, duty , strategy and structure there no partaining with us these are beneficial to the leaders of big parties and non beneficial to the citizens us very sorry its tym but one day is one day from north to South and East to West the country is people. Leader must be there for the directions and to in-store order

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