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Place with no toilets, No water, No electricity at Palmridge EXT 10

Hi EFF Comrades, we are living in a bad situation, there's no toilets. We dig pit toilets and when it is raining, the toilets becomes full of water, the place becomes muddy even the cars can't drive through as we are staying here most of us, we bought this place from some of community leaders, R10000 to R15000 as we were promised to get a better place soon, now it is been 4 to 5years staying to this place, No electricity, No water and no toilets for 5years now.

It is difficult even to go to school when it is raining because the whole place becomes muddy, when we raise our concern they say, we must go back to people we bought the place from. Some of our community members have been approved to get their RDP houses, but if you don't have connections then you can't get your house, even Ambulance or police can't drive through because they get stacked with a mud.

We are just living, we don't know what is going to happen in future, our community are scared to talk because you can be killed, even Councillor he don't even bother to come to access the situation but he knows what's happening, worst part those community leaders they don't stay at our place, they stay at phase 4 Emadakeni and EXT 9.

They are making their living from disadvantaged people and we have heard that those houses which have been built and ready for people to stay in, are been sold because there are some people who are now already staying there but most of them are not coming from our community and those who comes from our community are few and are one with connections.

Those who wants to help then please kindly whatsapp us at; 0719878333

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Palmridge RDP


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