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'I Will Never Support This Nonsense' Mashaba Opposed Malema About Open Borders

It's seems everyone just jumped at band wagon about foreign nationals saying Malema this and Malema that without even have taken a chance to listen to his speeches. The only thing you know is the propaganda spread by media, Malema is speaking the same language of undocumented foreign nationals including all the race not only Africans. Go and vote your Action SA, the man was at the mayor of JHB what did he do until EFF intervene about security guards and cleanersThis guy is very xenophobic only phobia will vote for him. Busy fighting EFF while you are all opposition leaders, the more you fight small oppositions the more you make ANC stronger by deviding your small parties votes. Moreover, its all about mayoral candidate position focus on governing the whole country. Everyone who celebrated Mandel's New South Africa, celebrated open borders, and whoever thinks will reverse that will just be chasing tokoloshis, Atleast EFF is finding better way for itMalema is giving you sleepless nights, always when you open your mouth you complain about the EFF actually you are trying so hard to discredit CIC unnecessary and you are not even on the ballot polls, lets wait and see because I doubt your stokvel will accumulate even one seat to the parliament, you will be a winner only on facebook. Herman Mashaba is a child of an immigrant I dont understand this political non starter what is his problem about itIf you vote for Herman Mashaba then you have just voted for a foreigner because Mashaba himself is a foreigner. Using Malema's name in every your Facebook post won't get my vote, you're funded by white people that are trying to remain in power and control our economy. Sending black people to work for white people is improvement, we need to employ them aswell. Young man who can't come up with something sensible will always attack Malema, I won't vote for you

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