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Here Is What SA Government Has Allegedly Done To Upset The Zimbabweans According To Hopewell Chinono

The issue of the illegal immigrants in this country continues to be a burden on South Africans, especially those who are expected to live with these illegal immigrants. They are the ones who feel the most impact having these people in the country. But some are not bothered by their presence because they continue to live their lives as normal. But this is not something we can say about poor South Africans.

At the heart of this matter is the issue of illegal Zimbabweans who are doing as they please in this country. These people think that they are entitled to be in South Africa and now they should even be made to be South African citizens. This is just the kind of entitlement that they have in this country. They make some demands they would never do in their home country. But when they come here, they suddenly have something to say.

Now it looks like even a Zimbabwean journalist is blaming South Africa for what is happening in Zimbabwe, and this is just one of those things Zimbabweans don't progress. We know Zimbabwean journalist is now saying that there is something that was done by the South African government and the ruling party which has upset the Zimbabweans a lot.

But this does not come as a surprise at all that Zimbabweans would say something like this. This is just who they are. They blame other people for the problems they are having in the country. Because the president of South Africa has said that Zimbabwe has had fair elections, this is reason the people of zimbabwe are upset. How do you blame an outsider for your problems? Well, Zimbabweans know very well how to do that.

South Africans have ensured that those work permits of Zimbabweans are not renewed and now they will be expiring at the end of the year. South Africans can not wait for them to be deported back to their country. They have to go back and blame their government there and stop pointing fingers at other people.

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