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Huge Trouble For Undocumented Zimbabwean Nationals As The Government Does This

SOUTH AFRICA -The South African government has decided to do away with the special Zimbabwean Exemption Permit, mind you this is out of the blue.

Zimbabweans that are living and working in South Africa have no option but to return home should they not secure work permits and other relevant documents, this is according to the new rules and people can’t help but think that this is somehow coming at a very inconvenient time.

This will come as a huge bold blow to Zimbabwean nationals who are in the country and we can also take confidence in the fact that this was influenced by the likes of the Democratic Alliance, as well as the other parties which are basically opposing the African National Congress.

The African National Congress has been very lenient these years it is because they’ve seen a benefit in allowing people to do as they please because they also do is they please and they were not in the situation to be minding peoples business, because they were conducting their own illegal businesses on the side where they were allegedly using funds from the treasury.

Unfortunately the ordinary members of the public have to be in such a situation where they have to look on to the African National Congress to do what is in the best interests of the people, which is making sure that the boarder is secured but they’re failing considerably to do this.

They can say all these things about how they intend to change ways and all those things but as long as the boarder is that porous they will never be able to stop people from coming into the country, and we know that there is a deeper seated issue that has to do with the incomes that this public officials are getting.

This has nothing to do with the foreign nationals if the public officials can be easily bribed by R1500 to share amongst themselves, and those are adults who have family members to look after there is clearly something else that is happening here that we are not seeing and why the sudden change of heard on immigration.

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