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Bees also have a huge impact in our economy (STATEMENT)


Question: Does the government regard its citizens as little more than drones, interchangeable, replaceable economic units whose only function is to produce wealth for society's elite, on whose behalf they govern?

Certainly every democratically elected government claims to be governing on behalf of the people.

But is what they really mean; on behalf of the people who actually count, the wealthy and the powerful?

There is a surprisingly visible metric available to judge the matter: employment law. Does employment law in whichever country you live in favour and empower employers at the expense of employees?

If so, then you have your answer. If employers can legally treat their employees as little better than worker bees, then that is because the State has arranged it so, passed laws to make it possible.

Logically therefore the State does not govern at the behest of we the people, as our servant. Rather it is the servant of the rich and powerful. It rules on their behalf.

You and I? In the final analysis, politically, we have no real existence as individuals, as people.

We are seen only collectively, as a class; drones. When push comes to shove, we are only valuable to the extent we are economically productive.

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