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'Unbelievable : DA Under Fire As Red Ants Put Out People From Their Homes In Ekurhuleni


The ordinary members of the public are concerned about a video on social media which has went viral and it seems like this man in the video is alleging to the Democratic Alliance moving into the area and basically taking people’s homes and turning them upside down using the Red Ants, it is believed that the people are being evicted out of the premises because they are not supposed to be there for several reasons.

This man is saying that that people in the area are under the impression that those houses are RDP government houses and so they do not have to pay any rent on the houses, but as it turns out that is not the case in fact they're supposed to pay the rent for those houses because they are not for free.

Members of the public are very concerned with the decisions that have been taken and the steps which are going to be taken forward especially in the wake of the DA winning a lot of power, this is a serious implication on the way things are going to happen and that is why a lot of people are concerned.

People being put out of their houses is something that is a little bit great but what we need to see come out of the Democratic Alliance is a step in the right direction, especially for the country they were not voted into power for anything else other than to teach the African National Congress a lesson.

And as a result of this they are being given a chance this is to test out if they truly are intending to change people's lives for the better, otherwise it doesn't make sense for them to be in such a situation. It is concerning for the ordinary members of the public to be in such a situation, but they are the ones who voted.

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