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A fight broke out between ANC campaigners and members of a small community. Here is why.

The ANC is the current ruling party of South Africa, however just because they hold the presidency doesn't mean that people support them. Instead it's quite the opposite as South Africa is fractured among political parties. It doesn't help the ANC that they have been caught up in so many corruption scandals recently. Put these things together and the below scene makes sense, here we see a community fight back against ANC campaigners.

They didn't want them there :

In a video, which you can watch by clicking on the link below, we see a small community that is frustrated at the ANC. This leads them into a conflict with ANC campaigners. In a Video we see the majority of the Citizens of Cosovo kick the ANC campaigners out of their community. While they are in the process of doing that a few citizens get into a confrontation with the campaigners and some pouches are throw. The video of course is of a very shaky quality as it is recorded on a mobile devise by a citizen do we cannot see much else from the video. However this interaction does tell us a lot about what people think of the ANC. If you want to watch the video click on the link below, or keep reading for my opinion on the matter.

My opinion :

The people in this case are not wrong for what they have done. People do not react like this until they are fed up with their leaders and in this case I believe that they have just had enough. The ANC needs to do better to revitalize the support of these small communities in them or they will continue to see these results. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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