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“Come 2024” — Kamogelo Has Allegedly Revealed What Will Happen During 2024 Election

South African's social media analyst, Kamogelo Sebolecwe has revealed what would possibly happen in 2024 as the hashtag is trending. She revealed that once people are given food parcels, they will forget all that they have gone through in the past years and still vote the same sets of leaders. She wrote, “Come 2024 they will be giving you food parcels, and you are going to forget about what the country went through in the previous years.”. This morning, “Come 2024”, started trending as people reveal that they will make changes in the upcoming elections. They noted that they will participate in voting this time around, disclosing that they cannot continue to suffer and smile, pretending that everything is all right. A youth noted that changes would be difficult. He said, “Unfortunately there's no alternative party to take over, but it doesn't mean ANC should be at helm maybe coalition government is the answer”. People have been angered by the recent increment in the prices of fuel.

Another person wrote that those saying “come 2024” will still vote for the same people. He said by then, they must have forgotten all they said. He noted that once people are given t-shirts, they for the wrong people, and then continue to complain. Another person added, “You all are busy saying Come 2024, but you know exactly that you are going to do the same thing that you did in 2019… The ANC runs deep in your blood…it runs deep in your family…it's that toxic relationship you always promise to leave but never do. You know it and ANC knows it”. The people are complaining bitterly against incessant load shedding crisis, high unemployment rate, and increasing Joblessness among youths, coupled with the recent increment in the prices of fuel in the country amidst level 6 load shedding. Someone else pointed out, “Come 2024 this cadre nonsense must come to an end. We need to deal with academics now. Not aboSub-A telling us about the struggle because, The Struggle Has Changed”.


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