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Community Members In Shock As D Mabuza Causes A Fight For Service Delivery || See What He Did



It has now been 23 days and counting since the country has opened doors for different political parties to rally around the country in a quest to win the hearts of South Africans. This is because people are desired to have the only significant effect during elections times as their voices are more powerful than the ones given the authority.

It is not a secret that when people fight for one massive power the majority of people are always amazed on who to agree with and on which party deserves their vote. This is because when people are tired of lies coming from the ruling party their decisions always have a change of scenarios.

This is because the community members were in shock when they discover that David Mabuza, the right-hand man of the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned something unexpected to the community.

This is because David Mabuza mentioned something disturbing to them and this was when he caused a fight between the two men. This is because one of the men was in denial with what David Mabuza is saying to the community as the African National Congress is always known for making lies and making empty promises in respect of getting their votes.

This has never happened in South Africa where people will usually fight to get votes or to hear the political members express more lies to the people. This can be said that the reason why people are fighting might be because they are tired of being tortured with lies and this is what the ANC must avoid.

This all happened in a community called Newcastle, osizweni where David Mabuza was on a campaign trail and where he was advising the community on why it is important to vote for the ANC.

What is your intake on this and why?

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