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Opinion| King Mswati needs to understand that dynasty can't rule forever

A lot of blood has been shed in the Kingdom of Swaziland known as ESwatini and I think people have suffered enough and it high time for the King to step down and give people the freedom they have been longing for.

Residents of Swatini have been protesting against the destruction of working resources to voice their grievances to King King Mswati Ill.The residents complain that the king does nothing for the people but misuses the money for his personal needs.

Swatini is a poor country, there is no development and people are suffering and starving,job opportunities do not exist while the King lives a life of luxury. People are showing that they have been abused enough under King Mswati it is clear that he does not care how people feel or live under his ruling.

It is sad to see that individuals can still mistreat members of their own race in this way in this day and age; indeed, the international community should unite and intervene in the issue of ESwatini because the crisis they are facing appears to be becoming worse. ESwatini is in dire straits, and we have no idea whether or not this situation will be resolved, as innocent lives have been lost. I never imagined that individuals would be assassinated for defending their rights and liberties in this century. Situations like those in Swaziland are comparable to those in the past; some of us have read about them in the media and in history, but now we are experiencing all the grief that our elders have told us about and we have to deal with it on our own.

From my point of view I think it is time for King Mswati lll to lay down his arms and step down so that ESwatini can have peace.

Because it is clear that if he continues to be stubborn and sit on the throne, people will perish, which will cause great division and sorrow that will never end in the hearts of the people.

I think King Mswati should now look at the current situation in ESwatini in a different light so that he does not create a big mess that he will regret for the rest of his life. Yes he has played his part and made a change here and there but if people are no longer satisfied with his work he will have to listen to them and then step out of his trone on for peace.

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