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SA attack Zuma for knowing about BRICS, but brainwashed by the media to denounce Russia see reaction

So, President Jacob Zuma was really onto something with BRICS, but we were brainwashed by the media to denounce Russia and everything he wanted to do with Russia, But we have woken up. SA joined BRICS in 2009,what have we benefited from it? How could we when Zuma was opposed left right and center? Let's go in wholeheartedly like china, and you will see what china is benefiting now .anyway BRICS has been loaning money to us and without any policy change or political interference like the west, He was mainly opposed by the leadership you support, Which BRICS proposal from Zuma did the leadership oppose? He was opposed left , right and center by EFF, Which BRICS proposal did EFF oppose baba, stop wasting time and be specific. 

Argentina wants to join BRICS, and Putin and Chinese president have urged BRICS countries to work with one another to make sure they trade together, and we could get cheap oil from Russia. It was meant to be that way, now that we know we want a strong BRICS. That has made us appreciate that union. 

@Julius_S_Malema come and explain how you planned to us forward with your Zuma must fall marches. We could be fair with nuclear by now and our energy problems gone forever, That was the smartest move by him, and it seems like ramapoes does not take it seriously. Our GCIS is sleeping on the job, supposedly doing weekly TV, radio, print media and social media selling South African people good information on government developments, From nuclear power, BRICS Bank to now cheap crude oil, If you ever see a white person protesting just Know the Black man is fighting for his kingdom and his people. The only time we saw white people protesting was precisely when Zuma joined BRICS. 


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