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Finally || Herman Mashaba speak out about Foreigners. It will leave you in tears

27 January 2022

South African country just realized that the issue of undocumented immigrants is of national importance and a national security issue. South African Government entitities must step up to the plate before things go horribly wrong.

The issue of illegal foreigners is starting to get out of hands in South Africa, even top Politician they can see that foreigners are destroying South African country each and everyday. They hijacking cars, South African buildings, they even selling fake foods to South Africans. What is interesting is South African country is not alone, African American are dealing with the same thing as well. Being degraded and when they respond they are called xenophobic. South African nation are happy that the world can see South Africans are not xenophobic. Foreigners like Zimbabweans and Nigerians are meant to destroy each and every country they enter.

Herman Mashaba last year before elections he promised the hole South African country that, if they vote for him he will get ride of illegal foreigners. But after South Africans vote for him, he no longer talk about foreigners. He only talk about foreigners when other parties talking about foreigners. Patriotic Alliance and EFF are doing wonderful job at the moment, they go all over foreigners shop to check if they're documented, even they're not selling fake food as well. But what is shocking us at the moment is why our leading party ANC is not talking about illegal foreigners? They only focused on spending, looting government money as well as they making loans from foreign countries. Cyril Ramaphosa and his ANC members they're slowly selling South African Country to foreigners. But South African country promised ANC that if they’re not doing anything about illegal foreigners, and unemployment rate this year, they're going to remove it. EFF Julius Sello Malema is the only hope for South Africans.

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