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Remove the Lesotho border and unite Remove the Lesotho border and unite families. OPINION

Lesotho is literal inside South Africa but it is an independent state. Which in my opinion does not make sense because I think the Sotho people in Lesotho are the same family with those in South Africa. Remember it was the Imperialist who came to Africa and drew lots as they devided Africa , putting borders dividing people so that they can easily conquer them. So today I don't understand why do we call someone from Lesotho a foreigner , but this is their land and they belong here.

Those borders have made us weak because together we strong but devided we fall. Those borders made us to discriminate , hate and despise one another for absolutely no reason. I personally think that as soon as we gained our independent we were suppose to revisit history and correct the mistakes that were made , we were suppose to scrap that border and unite families.

I have never seen a country which is an independent state but it is inside another country. Honestly I Honestly think that Lesotho should be a province in South Africa not an independent state. The Republic of Lesotho being inside South Africa makes them part of this country , mind you that country is probably not bigger than South African provinces like Eastern , Northern or Western Cape.

We Africans need to learn to love one another regardless of the tribe , race or language. In Europe they have one currency which never loses value in world market , why can't we also unite and do the same so that we can prosper. Currently as a continent we are far much poorer and many steps behind , mainly because we hate one another and we don't help eachother. However this is solely based on my opinion and people see things differently especially when it comes to political matters. Well we do value your opinion and this is your platform you can leave a comment below and share your views

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