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Another R131 Billion Rands Set To Be Stollen By The ANC Comrades

Recently the ANC comrades are only associated with corruption and theft, nothing they seem to do can be right and be done in a right way. The ANC lost a huge amount of support due to their corruption within the government without them rendering any services to the people but feeding themselves and those lose to them.

The SOE’s are crumbling and are at their lowest point, with them running at a loss and failing to pay their employees. One of the SOE that is affecting a lot of people’s livelihoods is Eskom with all the LoadShedding that are happening in the country recently, businesses are failing since they do not have any back up generator, meaning that at a certain time they have to close shop since they will not be having any electricity.

There is a lot of frustration from the people with regards to LoadShedding. Some of the tweep tweeted “If they claim that Koko and Brian Molefe stopped LoadShedding using a certain system, why is that system nowhere to be seen at Eskom so that future management and the the engineers can use it as a blueprint?”. A lot of residents are furious since students are busy with their final exams.

There seems to be light for Eskom, with it receiving R131 Billion rands from US,UK, France and Germany to start using renewable electricity instead of coal, however the minister of Public Enterprise Pravin Godhan stated that the funds are not to be used as yet. There is a lot of backlash from the other ministers and opposition parties with regards to job security for the people who are working in mines, Pravin Godhan response “This offer from the developed countries, it is not a done deal”, he was responding to the questions from the parliament.

The ANC personnel have stolen the R500 Billion rands from Covid-19, they allocated tenders to their close families and looted all the money with offering very little service to the people, there is fear that they will still do the same on the R131 Billion Rands from the developed countries. 

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