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Zimbabweans in SA Come Back Home Lets Fix our Country Says Man on Twitter/ Opinion


Now that the department of home affairs have announced that they will not be renewing Zimbabweans exemption permits .Its timr for Zimbabweans to go back home .

The economy of Zimbabwe has been collapsing for many years now and its still going down .During the early 2000's thats when most people started running away to their meighbouring countries such as SA and Botswana to seek a better life .

A Zimbabwean man has advised his fellow brothers that they should come back home so that they can build Zimbabwe to its former glory and take it back to where it was referred to as the bread basket of Africa .

However many Zimbabweans are not interested in going back to fix the economy of Zimbabwe. Many actually believe that Zimbabwe is not fixable .And to a large extent thats true .Usually the economy and performance of a country depends on its Government. As long as the Government that brought all of this poverty in the country is not removed.No amount of fixing will make Zim to be Sucessful .

But also how long are Zimbabweans going to stay in foreign countries being chased away every day and called horrible names and treated like trash .Thats no way to live .Eventually they have to come home and fix their country for their children and for the generations to come otherwise they will also go through what they went through .Maybe this is a sign that its time to fight for their country .

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