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OPINION | ANC has nothing to offer compared to all other opposition parties

We need to vote them out when they no longer serve the people’s interests. During this time we’ve seen how little they’ve done in other municipalities and how they’ve screwed over our country, overall. They can’t even pay salaries. So y exactly should we trust them? They haven’t changed.

This song is outdated. It was sang when they lost metropolitan municipalities, I remember Baleka said, "Sivile, siwabonile amaphutha ethu". Now, they admit that they have put wrong people in positions. Inye into endiyibonayo mna, bayatwela aba bantu. Yi-new dede le.

87 Municipalities (30%+ of total) in SA are dysfunctional (COGTA, 2018) -must be way more now. All of them ANC-run. That dysfunctionality has a victim. That victim has a face. That face is that of a poor black person. Of all things, you can't accuse ANC of being pro-black.

Now ramaphosa wants the people who has worked for their houses and homes(excluding the ANC who Steals) to pay for the poor at the municipalities. What happens when the middleman is also poor. The Zondo com closed many doors where there was fraud and money laundering now there is.

Nowhere where the ANC can steal. So why has the ANC not worked out a plan for the poor? Where are the honest work projects to employ people. The roads, schools pit toilets, university in mother tongue, the water management. Thousands of work projects can be set up and people.

can be employed, provided their is no nepotism, no stealing, honest project management. Housing management. Township development. Why did the ANC not do this in the last 30 years.

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