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Why do Jika Joe residents think they are owed houses by the government ?

The ANC government has no money soo how are they going to build houses itt is not the government's duty to build you a house, you must save and build your own. Demanding houses then they rent these houses out and move back to a shack, then demand again while they have a house yet rents it out but choose to live in a shack. South Africa and it's demand mentality must come to an end the municipality is not forced to do that, build houses for yourselves only people that are entitled for a house is pensioners period, the rest go find work and build your own like everybody else doesThey must fight to get the jobs so they can build their own houses just imagine the liver "give us houses or else' what is that, go and make plan like everyone else in South Africa then build that house, nothing is for free in the world the government once built the RDP house for them in the year 98 at France, they left the houses and came back to the informal settlement. Why do you think you are owed a house by the government, these are the same people who voted ANC in again this is what happens when you create entitlement by unrealistic dependency, the majority of the unemployed don't want to search for employment because they are content with life long handouts. The government should instead focus on job creation to lessen the unemployed and the dependency, they created on hand outs and a system that requires regular proof of seeking for employment to receive grants

The mentality of people wanting every thing for free is the reason why the country's economy is not growing, people have shut down their thinking and survival mechanisms and are only looking up to the state to provide free everything

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