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ANC in KZN desperate for votes? ANC embarrasses itself with what they did for the residents. Video.

The culture of political leaders showing sympathy and care for the residents at the times of the elections is repeating itself. Political leaders were nowhere to be found on the ground for 3 years. Since the local elections are about to take place in 2 months, leaders are all over the ground and engaging with residents. It is pivotal that residents are now aware of the strategies that political parties use, and they should never appreciate their presence on the ground, only when the elections are due to happen. The Premier of the KZN, has shocked South Africans, after what the ANC has decided to do at the KZN, for the residents. This is an ordinary achievement that should not get everyone delighted. This shows the desperation measures that the ANC is subjected to at the KZN. Things are not promising, and the party is trying to fix the mess they have created.

The premier of the KZN, was captured in a moment, when he was unveiling a new water tap at the KZN. He has colleagues around him, and conducted a small celebration. The little achievements made by the ANC towards citizens of South Africa are surprising. There is a lot of state money, and a water tap should not be what the ANC can afford. The ANC in KZN is too proud to install a water tap that the residents have been waiting for years. This is done, merely because the elections have arrived.

Residents suffered due to clean and accessible water. The motive is clear, the ANC cannot accomplish and conduct big projects, such as building roads, schools, and shipping centres. They have decided to use tap water, as a way of showing care towards residents. The quality and the taste of water has to be confirmed, and it is not clear how long this tap will operate. Everything could be ruined and broken. The ANC will take years before they can attend this matter. This is the way political leaders operate.


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