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The ANC Gets A Little Too Desperate With Their Latest Move, They Are Feeling The Pressure

Date: 27/09/21



After seeing the economic freedom fighters shine throughout the day from the huge act of honouring the late Winnie Mandela, the ANC could not stay away from controversy. It was expected that they could be the one of the first ones in the country to honour the late Winnie Mandela as she was a member of the party for so many years and served it with so much passion but they did not do it. In hindsight the economic freedom fighters celebrated her way more than the very part is she belong to all these years.


Below is a picture posted by Julius Malema in the morning of the 26th of September. He was wishing the late Winnie Mandela happy birthday as they planned to celebrate an opening of the building and manifesto for the upcoming elections. This initially shows that they had dedicated the whole day to her as it was a special day of her birth. He posted this early in the morning and later the huge unveiling of the building solidified the whole day as a great day for the economic freedom fighters.

The African national congress on the other hand was quiet throughout the whole day. This was very surprising as they were very aware that it was the birthday of the late Winnie Mandela and as a woman who contributed so much to the party it was supposed to be a very big celebration.

Instead they decided to go to Tembisa and campaign for the upcoming elections and totally forget to celebrate Winnie Mandela. It was only out of desperation that at around 8 p.m. the minister of transport posted a picture stating that the ANC and Cyril ramaphosa were celebrating the late Winnie Mandela.


What all this clearly indicated was that the ANC did not plan on celebrating the late Winnie Mandela that way. They only realised when the economic freedom fighters posted the unveiling of her building that they felt the pressure. The post by Fikile Mbalula was purely damage control as they realise they have messed up a very important day which might go down in history.

What is your take on that it had? Do you also see the fact that the ANC was a bit too desperate with the late post about Winnie Mandela?

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