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Marginalization in sudan is unique

. It is unique in the form that black natives face it in unequaled scale compare to other sections of nationals, equally we can not ignore the evidence that certain section of arab ethnicity is facing it in a large .

And even, within black natives it is categorized based on ethnicity.

In Nuba ethnicity is disproportionate relative to any black ethnicity in sudan. These black nuba people are subjected to sixfolds of marginalizaton. Social marginalization, religious marginalization, racial marginalition , political marginalization, economical marginalization as well as cultural and developmental marginalization.

For in their quest for liberation , freedom , independence ,cultural civilization and renaissance of their glorious past( Kush kingdom) , they become victims of all these forms of marginalization due to their constant hatred, struggle and oppostion to foreign influence and control since time immemorial ,far, after the fall of their kingdoms .

Thus,for foreign invaders(Arabs) to succeed in conquering and marginalizing Nuba people and keeping themselves in power ,they had to marginalized certain class within arab descent economically and keep them at poverty level so that they can be used as fence or defensive tools to fight Nuba people in return for their means of survival .

This is how marginalization within arab ethnicity emerged , led by the khartoum-Arab-islamic regime that perpetuated the history of sudan in such manner .

This below picture is a form of economic marginalization face by certain class of afro-arab descent in sudan.

aThey have been kept in poverty stricken level in order be used like dogs to fight black resisant movements. But in end they have found themselves to be among the most marginalized.

It is to observe and note that the effect of islamic arab political regime did not fall only on black natives but also Afro-arab ethnicities.

This brings us to conclusion that we have to fight together as sudanese to defeat national enemy irrespective of our diversity and to scrap out racist Islamic political Ideology.

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