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"You're A Helpless Fool" Mzwanele Manyi Spits Fire

Former president Jacob Zuma's spokesperson, Mzwanele Manyi lost his cool and ended up calling those insisting that he played a pivotal role in enabling state capture "fools."

This comes after Mzwanele Manyi had rejected the report by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo which stated that he used millions with the TNA.

According to the report released by Zondo on state capture, Mzwanele Manyi stands accused of dishing out a fortune in advertising spending to the Gupta’s TNA media.

Manyi denies the findings against him and accuses the State Capture Commission of persecuting him. He claims the report was predetermined to 'besmirch" his name and his reputation.

Mzwanele Manyi during a press conference on 30 August 2017. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

"There was no money that I dished out...none of that money went there irregularly. There was no corruption," he insists.

Jacob Zuma's spokesperson further reiterated that he doesn't how Raymond Zondo got to the conclusion that he enabled state capture by lending a hand to the Guptas as they allegedly milked state owned enterprises.

"Even Themba Maseko in his affidavit explains that the Advertising budget doesn't sit with GCIS. But somehow the Zondo Report says Manyi splashed millions with TNA. How? Why is Zondo not directing this to the DG's of Line Departments minutes where advertising budgets are controlled? he said.


He claims that the Zondo Report shows that much more was paid via GCIS to TNA for two successive years after he had left.

"The interesting thing is that, that period is not classified as "enablement" and the Acting DG of the time Phumla Williams was not quizzed. So I conclude that it's biased," he said.

Critics however hit back at Mzwanele Manyi accusing him of trying to fool people as the GCIS had influence on where the media budget went.

"You take us for fools Manyi. GCIS has a big influence of where that media budget goes. It’s one core of its existence. Government Communications and Information Systems. Just like SITA does on ICT related issues," said the social critic.

Mzwanele Manyi however didn't like this criticism and hit back calling his opponent a fool.

"You are indeed a helpless fool," said Manyi.


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