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President Emerson Mnangagwa's Campaign Perfume Causes Stir on Social Media

South Africans are not happy to see that president Emerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe is campaigning for his 2023 election with bottles of perfume amidst serious economic hardship in the country that have forced many of them to seek greener pastures outside the country. Many South Africans find it ridiculous that the government of President Emerson Mnangagwa could be bold to offer the people of Zimbabwe perfumes and scents when most of them live below the poverty line. What matters to most of them now is food, not perfume, what they need is jobs and shelters, not scents and peanuts. This is better described as misplaced priority. A South African youth and popular social media influencer who felt offended by this campaign strategy wrote, “This is how corrupt Zimbabweans are. Welcome to Zimbabwe”. Other people are offended that some Zimbabweans will still stoop so low as to collect these items and vote for the same people, then complain about poverty.

Zimbabweans are one of the most travelled in Africa searching for greener pastures, and they are one most numerous people in South Africa, where most of them are illegal immigrants. They followed keenly the elections in Kenya recently and many people are hoping that Zimbabweans will replicate it in their country, but chances are few because opposition parties in Zimbabwe are always complaining about being politically persecuted. Another South African wrote, “You can see corruption in Zimbabwe but overlook the corrupt ANC under the leadership of Ramaphosa. Maybe the regime is corrupt, not the people of Zimbabwe”. Ali Naka a social media user and a Zimbabwean living in South Africa wrote, “In 2018, Mnangagwa PR team took him to his office on a Sunday and took this picture as evidence that he is hard-working. 4 years later he is competing with abo “Jennifer Lopez” with Perfume Brands. Emerson is too playful”.

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