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"This Is An Insult To South Africans" White SA Lady Drops Fresh BOMBSHELL President Cyril Ramaphosa

"This Is An Insult To South Africans" White SA Lady Drops Fresh BOMBSHELL President Cyril Ramaphosa.

A white South African lady known simply as Natasha, has put President Cyril Ramaphosa in his place after what he just said on his Twitter post. This time Mzansi is seeing reasons why whites and blacks should team up against these corrupt politicians.

In a bid to to make sense Ramaphosa announced that the R350 Covid-19 relief fund which was given to a out 20% of those who registered and got approved for the SASSA during the 5 months lockdown. Has impacted lives of the poor

In Ramaphosa's words;

"The R350 Covid SRD grant has had a significant positive impact on the lives of the poor, but more particularly the unemployed. The government must examine the feasibility & affordability of providing some form of income support for the poor & unemployed."

However not many South Africans took the self appraisal lightly with the president a white South African lady blasted him saying he's a liar, only giving empty promises only to deceive people. She ended by adding that the president's statement is an insult to South Africans. In her words;

"R350 for you is pocket change. This is an insult to South Africans. Where are the jobs you promised years ago!!! Empower people to make a living wage."

Now this outrage comes from the unbelievable fact that the president is yet to bring to justice the men and women who looted, squandered and hit the bulk of Covid-19 R500 billion relief funds.

Dozens of comments only pointing out that Mzansi is tired of Cyril Ramaphosa and his cabinet. Here are some reactions below;

"Create jobs asamblief Morena, R350 ke eng Mara?

R100 of electricity = 41 units

2ltr Cooking oil = R85

A loaf of bread = R18"

"Basic Income Grant of R1800 is really necessary and long overdue now, can we just stop postponing this inevitable project."

"Extreme poverty is defined as $1 a day. The SRD grant only amounts to 85 cents a day. How can you pride yourself by giving people less than the benchmark for extreme poverty."

"Those R350 combined were supposed to opens works everywhere than to watch foreigners occupied every opportunity surfaces, withdrew R350 and ordered employer to HIRE 100% citizens."

Source: Twitter

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