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Here's The 5 Thoughts That May Have Dominated Mandela's Mind During His Imprisonment...>{Opinion}<

As everyone probably knows by now, Mandela along with other struggle heroes were imprisoned in Robben Island for a total of 28 years for trying to overthrow the apartheid government through guerilla warfare tactics.

There's been rumours swirling around on the net suggesting that Mandela might have sold out black people but that's far away from the truth because Mandela fought for the rights of black people with the apartheid government for them to have equal opportunities in tackling life.

Make no mistake about it, during Mandela's stay at Robben Island, they suffered the most harshest treatment ever from the wardens. They were overworked, under fed and most painfully, they were beaten like dogs everyday.

Now without any further ado, let's checkout some of the thoughts that might have went through Mandela's head during the time when he was incarcerated, see reasons below:

- Was this all worth it?

- I wish I never joined politics and just remained a lawyer

- One day is one day, I'm gonna die before I lose hope

- How can the wardens treat us like animals

- Will me and my fellow men ever see the light of day?

As y'all can see, it wasn't easy for Mandela nor his fellow men being in the small island of Robben Island. They not only suffered from the physical abuse of the wardens but the their minds too.

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