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War | Julius Malema dropped a bombshell against Ace Magashule

As a result, journalist and talk show host Karima Brown received rape and death threats from people she thought were EFF members. Malema said that the people who threatened Brown with violence with violence were not EFF members but that this did not mean she was not an EFF mole or EFF agent.    Show Source Texts

She filed a criminal complaint against the police and appealed to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to punish the EFF. The IEC invited her to its house for a voluntary conciliation procedure, but it was unsuccessful.

Therefore, it appealed to the court to decide that Malema, Brown and the EFF had violated the rules of electoral conduct.    Show Source Texts

Julius Malema, leader of Economic Freedom Fighters, believes that moves like the decision by the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress to resign or suspend members accused of corruption are causing the ruling party to collapse rather than to strengthen it.

Malema warned that such a move would let the ANC collapse rather than strengthen it. Referring to President Cyril Ramaphosa, Malema said he had been advised, adding that he believed the ANC had no idea that Ace Magashules's post as secretary general would be included.    Show Source Texts

Magashule, a man who rarely communicates such decisions, was restrained as he held a news conference with Ramaphosa to report on several changes in the party's corruption policy.

These included a pledge to force the ANC members to face criminal charges, increased obligations for officials to declare their financial interests and new restrictions on ANC leaders and their families who do business with the state.    Show Source Texts

While the foundations for party-wide reform were being laid, several changes in party policy on corruption targeted Magashule, the man who communicated such decisions, and his family. He said the ANC was tempted to confine itself to steps that would boost voter confidence rather than address the systemic problems that fuel corruption in the party.    Show Source Texts

Experts expect Ramaphosa to introduce a new ANC policy that would force members to be charged with crimes - a move that would justify Magashullah's arrest if it comes to it.    Show Source Texts

Magashule is a thorn in Cyril Ramaphosa's side and his reform program, a cancer at the heart of the ruling party that could jeopardize his prospects for a second term as president.    Show Source Texts

Malema said the ANC offshoot chose Magashule despite allegations of corruption. "Many of the ANC leaders implicated in corruption, including Magashullah, who were elected with a cloud over their heads, did not step aside or opt out. The ANC structure elected him with a scandal on his head. ".    Show Source Texts

Magashule has tried to extend the parameters of the ANC's stricter rules to members facing allegations of irregularities, including Ramaphosa, who is being prosecuted but he and his supporters are likely to press the issue further at the National Executive Committee meeting this weekend (NEC ).

A senior ANC member who spoke under condition of anonymity vowed to press the ANC to start disciplinary proceedings against Magashule and retort the terms of his suspension by telling journalists and the public about the party's decision on the gag order imposed upon him.    Show Source Texts

Ramaphosa told ANC lawmakers in parliament he was "shocked and dismayed" by Magashire's attempt to suspend him. Malema called the removal of Magashule a "terrible decision" by the ruling party, adding that the move was "good for the EFF.". His defiance comes as the ANC stages a purge of the party from corruption, indiscipline and anarchy.    Show Source Texts

This is not surprising given that former President Jacob Zuma and ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule conspired to weaken Cyril Ramaphosa and undermine his efforts to purge the party amid rumors of its involvement in the African Transformation Movement Party (ATM).

Former ANC leader Mahumapelo, a Premier League member who supported Zuma in the suspension of provincial leadership in the northwest, has also publicly defended Magashules. The ANC leader is currently facing corruption allegations from his time as prime minister of the state.    Show Source Texts

Malema went on to say that the structure of the ruling parties should be elected independently of the issues surrounding Magashule. He said he was elected to the post of secretary general in front of many ANC members.    Show Source Texts

Looking at the ANC's history, Magashula's behavior can be compared to that of Julius Malema, who was expelled for comments that President Jacob Zuma's leadership resembled that of former President Thabo Mbeki. Malema has not been used as a body within the ANC to attack his leadership since Magashule withdrew Ramaphosa's suspension.

Instead, he was part of the Radical Economic Transformation faction of the party coalition that united Zuma supporters marginalized by Ramaphosa's leadership and facing potential criminal charges for their alleged role in corruption during the two former Presidents' " two terms".    Show Source Texts

The ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa has instructed Secretary-General Ace Magashule, who faces criminal charges of fraud, corruption and money laundering, to notify all steps and resolutions on all ANC members.    Show Source Texts

Cape Town - EFF leader Julius Malema believes that ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa and the National Executive Committee have made a huge mistake in insisting that leaders who are prosecuted resign within 30 days or they risk being suspended.

Malema asked journalists for their views on the ANC resolution, which calls for all members charged with corruption or other serious crimes to resign or be suspended within 30 days.

The ANC NEC gave Ace Magashule and other members facing prosecution 30 days to resign from their posts or face punishment from the ruling party.    Show Source Texts

When former ANC youth league president Julius Malema appeared in August 2011 at a party discipline hearing in the Luthuli House, his supporters rushed to his defense.

Malema was accompanied by EFF chief Julius Malema's deputy Floyd Shivambu and EFF secretary general Marshal Dlamini who said the king was working to unite the Zulu nation. The ANC said its leader was there to unite a nation, not in a popularity contest.    Show Source Texts

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