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South Africans angry over the adjustment of lockdown level

President Cyril Ramaphosa adressed the nation yesterday and took the country to level 4. The reason to take South Africans to level 4 is because of the pandemic that it is facing and seem to be getting worse. Third wave has been confirmed and cases are looming especially in Gauteng. The president elaborated that this level will be for 2weeks which is 14 days.

Rules and regulations changed. A lot of restrictions was made.

1. Curfew from 21:00 to 04:00.

2. All gatherings prohibited except funerals.

3. Funerals: maximum 50 people, no night vigil or after tears celebrations.

4. Alcohol sales banned, for both onsite and offsite sales.

5. Restaurants only open for take aways.

6. Transportation of alcohol prohibited. 

7. Schools should be closed. The date will be determined by the Ministers of Education.

8. Public spaces such as parks and sports grounds should be closed.

9. Travel to and from GP for leisure not allowed, except for work or funerals.

He further elaborated that schools on Wednesday will close and contact classes end, but students can access campus and remain in their residences. Mask is mandatory. South Africans are not angry because of these restrictions because they are saying he cancelled gatherings and closed alcohol which is killing the economy. They want to go and job hunt.

Question is why are they prioritising teachers to get vaccinated while schools are closing. What about taxi and bus drivers, what about petrol attendants and cashiers because they are highly exposed, they work with people every day. Seems like the president doesn't have a plan, he is still trying to figure it out. He shall adress the nation after 14days. South Africans and EFF continue to demand vaccine.

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