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Watch: Fikile Mbalula Buys Chicken Gizzards In The Streets Of Mangaung


Transport minister Fikile Mbalula shared a video of him buying chicken gizzards in the streets of Mangaung in Free State province, but critics say this is another publicity stunt that all government officials always do for the camera.

Last year, some ANC comrades were slammed when they bought chicken feet in the township, and while they were eating they said to another that they are just doing it for the sake of votes.

The ANC comrades were so embarrassed when they realised that they were trending on social media over what they said after buying chicken feet from local vendors. They had gone to campaign for the ANC.

Social critics said perhaps this is what Fikile Mbalula is also trying to do when he bought chicken gizzards on the streets. They said all politicians are the same, and even if they seem to be doing a sincere act, there has to be a catch to it in one way or the other.

"For the sake of the vote. Local economy. Tell us something we don't know Mr Fix," social critics hit back at Mbalula over his video.

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