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SWEAR WORD WARNING: "That owner of dollars under a mattress must step down ", Mndebele fires shots

Several ANC leaders have publicly defended President Cyril Ramaphosa in relation to the Phalaphala controversy. Mafika Mndebele, ANCYL KZN Coordinator, argues that enough is enough. Mndebele attacked ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa over the PhalaPhala Farm Gate incident by stating, "Ramaphosa should V*etsek." According to Mndebele, the old ANC leaders are terrified of Ramaphosa, and as a result, they are not holding him accountable for the scandal. "They are defending Ramaphosa due to their knowledge. They desire to profit from bids. Some of us do not desire tenders; we wish to defend our territory, and we will do so "Mndebele responded angrily. WATCH VIDEO HERE (Warning: Swear word in video)

Mndebele asserts that the ruling party requires "pure" leaders like himself to govern. "They will find nothing if they probe us because we are not corrupt," he added. According to him, what occurs on the left must likewise take place on the right. Since previous President Jacob Zuma was arrested, he implies that Ramaphosa must also be arrested. Since Zuma was compelled to resign, Ramaphosa must likewise be compelled to do the same.

Mndebele spoke like a truly unashamed leader, in contrast to Gwede Mantashe and others who appear unable to accept that Ramaphosa is on the wrong side. It is alleged that Ramaphosa hid millions of dollars in his home. This is uncomplicated! It is unlawful and he must account for it. However, Mantashe asserts, "When we discuss Phalaphala, we are discussing a president whose money was stolen." Where did the money originate? Why is SARS important? Leaders should be as outspoken as the Mndebele and demand that law enforcement agencies take the situation seriously. Mndebele is saying the truth, and Ramaphosa must step down to allow the probe to be conducted without him defending himself in the highest office.

As the issue over the origins of the millions of cash found at President Cyril Ramaphosa's Phala Phala property continues, it has been revealed that the president and others close to him may have violated US international money transfer rules.

It was revealed that President Cyril Ramaphosa and individuals close to him may have violated US money transfer regulations as the issue over the provenance of the millions of dollars at his Phala Phala estate continues to flare.


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