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South Africa's new IDENTITY system will "TRACK YOU FROM BIRTH" - Coincidence?

Here below you will find the original article on which I have based my information. This article is however considered my opinion.

Like it wasn't much of a concern before when we came to learn of the "New World Order", the Freemasons... The link we have with the biggest Universal Bank in the world and with the introduction of smart devices.... Among other things...

We're pretty much TRACKED AF already.

For those familiar with every single feature on your smart devices.... Especially for those like me who always has the location on...

Every place I drive to, is recorded. The hours I spend. The places I sit down to have meals at. My phone even told me, "That was a bad move" when i drove hard over the speed bump...

Technology has evolved to incredible heights over the past few years and might I say... Everything you do is recorded. You're tracked.

Now South Africa has been urged to incorporate a new identity system that would track a person from birth.

This will be, where you live. Where you go to daily. Schools, daycares... Events... WORK... The vehicles you DRIVE. The hotels you stay at... The hospitals you visit. Basically.... Everything.

Which already is being done today. This will just make sure and verify that it is in fact YOU... By your identity number...

When the whole COVID-19 Pandemic hit, everyone had mixed thoughts, opinions and feelings about the origin of the virus.

Whether it was real or whether it was indeed manufactured in a lab with illicit intentions of depopulation and what not.

And even though. Most sources basically tell you to shut the Fk up... This is a real pandemic and it's time you faced reality....

How sure could they really be?

I'm not saying that the virus was not manufactured. Nor am I saying that it was....

Yet. There is indeed a huge possibility that those over imaginative pot-heads sitting with half a blah wrapping about the NEW WORLD ORDER and the possibility of a manufactured virus. Could just be true...

The possibilities are limitless...

Then you might have heard about the "One world Government" - which is supposed to come into effect when other smaller governments cannot cope with taking care of their citizens... And with the way the pandemic is going... Thus far, could we possibly be pushed to that? Somewhere far in the future... Possibly but definitely not immediately.

There have been illustrations showing that there would be a one world government, one religion, one currency and every human will be forced to fall within that system...

What's your take on the idea of South Africa's new IDENTITY system that is intended to track you from birth?

Of course, there is indeed nothing that one can do about it. Just go with the flow...

And hope for the best.

Does it concern you that your whole life will be tracked?

Personally. I have no qualms. I do not involve myself in any illicit behaviours and I'm not afraid to leave my location on.

What do you suppose would be the purpose for every human to be tracked?

They call it Mind Control. Though, how could this lead to us being controlled by our minds?

Eventually, we will start to become manipulated... Already. If you look at it the way I see it... The whole COVID-19... Could possibly be manufactured... Which THEY want us to believe that it was natural... So in other words... We are being plagued with more than just a pandemic, we're being plagued with MIND CONTROL.

WHEN talks about a Vaccine came about. People become frantic. Memes were quickly created... Funny yet somewhat scary videos surfaced with people acting the fool after being vaccinated.

While the rest of them are just straight taking the piss.

We have heard of vaccines which would eventually change our DNA!

What would that do to humanity?

We have likewise heard that with the Vaccine comes a CHIP that would enter into our veins and stay there as a permanent tracker.

What a whole load of hogwash...

Or is it?

We have a right to our own thoughts, our own opinion and our own judgement.

We can only say sOooo much... With an intention to allow people to think of the possibilities yet not ALTER their entire belief about reality.

It is better that we live with plain sight and never be blinded by the ills of the world.

My article was not intended to hurt or offend anyone. Please read and understand with an open mind and place your comments in the comment section.

May the Almighty God protect and sustain us during these difficult times.

STAY safe ❤️ STAY well ❤️ STAY Humble ❤️

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