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Appreciation Post Goes to Advocate Dali Mpofu - OPINION

Appreciation post this morning goes to Advovo wabantu, Cde Dali Mpofu who has awoken Deputy Whites that say he was emotional and unprofessional, and let me remind you what you didn't ask, Dali, unlike Cyril, his law fees were not paid by Oppenheimer family through the urban foundation, and that, he's not out there to nurse feelings of racists and house Negroes. Remember?

Dali is a progressive politician in his own right and went through ANC ranks, and will not allow racists to belittle Africans, especially women like Mbaks who doesn't respect women

Biggest mistake was to allow whites into our society, and to still have them talking what they want everyday, here we need a serious scrutin, these people have no respect to a black person

He got the info critical to cushion Moyane, from Gordhan's in situations that he was a state capture accussed. He got the info he wanted on the Rogue unit and Pillay's payout, exposed even if DCJ tried to protect him, Stellenbosch orders

Mpofu is throwing stones even at Zondo. Mpofu objects, then Ms Le Roux Gordan's advocate interrupts Mpofu while he is speaking


Chair, I'm speaking here and she is interrupting me, this is the third time, she must shut up, shut up (pointing at her), Gordan goes. Mpofu pointing at Gordan tells him, you too Mr Gordan shut up, you must shut up

Zondo intervenes and says he is in charge here and instructs Mpofu to sit down.


I'm not sitting down, why must I sit down, on what basis must I sit down while I'm raising an objection? Why Moyane's representatives are treated differently here, why must I sit down for a junior advocate? This is totally wrong

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